Quantz Tuner ~ Quantitative Music Visualization


Web Demo Troubleshooting

dove comprare il levitra 20 mg Note that the Live Web version of Quantz Tuner relies on the Unity3D web plugin available from here.  Thus it only runs on Macs and PCs.  It does not work with most mobile browsers.

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source url


see url When you always see the “Install Unity3D plugin” icon:

see url
  1. Install the plugin if you haven’t already
  2. Navigate to chrome://flags/#enable-npapi (you may have to copy and paste link)
  3. Find The “Enable NPAPI” option
  4. Click enable
  5. Restart Chrome

http://beneadsfiction.com/?search=dexilant-similar-drugs-to-viagra&179=f1 When you are presented with a grey box with the text “Unity Player needs your permission to run”:

  1. Right click
  2. select the “Run this plug-in”

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Security Concerns

http://violetaestheticcentre.com/?search=viagra-like-drugs&021=6e The Unity3D webplayer comes with a similar security model to Adobe Flash player.  We certainly try to not encroach on your security/privacy (well, other than recording every little sound that comes through the microphone and converting it to a pitch) including not ever doing networking.  On the mobile variants, we can enforce this through the permission features on the various OS’s.  However, there is no such restriction in the web player for obvious reasons.  You (and us) have to trust that Unity3D has implemented their code properly, that the browser sufficiently sandboxes things, and that no evil people have found any vulnerabilities in any of the libraries that we rely on.  Regardless, we think that in general there is not much to worry about with regards to the web player and that it is more or less equivalent to running a standalone version of the app directly on your PC or Mac.

here For the more technically inclined, Unity has this on their website:

purchase viagra without prescription In Unity 3.0, the webplayer implements a security model very similar to the one used by the Adobe Flash player™. This security restrictions apply only to the webplayer, and to the editor when the active build target is WebPlayer. The security model has several parts:

  • Restrictions on accessing data on a domain other than the one hosting your .unity3d file.
  • Some limitation on the usage of the Sockets.
  • Disallowing invocation of any method we deemed off limits. (things like File.Delete, etc).
  • Disallowing the usage of System.Reflection.* to call private/internal methods in classes you did not write yourself.

go If your problem is not listed above, please contact us with your OS and browser versions so we can try to sort it out.