Quantz Tuner ~ Quantitative Music Visualization


Video Demos

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Pitch Circle visualizes pitch as a colored circle that stretches and shrinks in direct response to changes in pitch. This highly sensitive tuner allows you to observe subtle pitch changes in real-time, including vibrato!

Note Bar visualizes pitch and rhythm onto a scrolling bar graph. The harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic structures are exposed by the relationships of colors and shapes. Record then zoom out to see the entire piece.

Color Fifths uses circles to respond to sound. The Circle of Fifths is superimposed upon the Color Wheel, exposing their natural relationship. Adjust the sensitivity and the circles won’t grown unless you are in tune.

Pitch Line uses a line graph to show your pitch and vibrato in real-time. Record yourself and look back to see your problem spots. Going flat at the end of phrases? Vibrato issues? This tool lets you see it!